I appreciate the handouts!

We see a lot of patients with Cancer in Home care. I appreciate the handouts! Will be helpful in practice


Yes! Proper treatment to all cancer patients

Realistic goals

I will use this information to set realistic goals for these patients with cancer

“I learned many things today that I would not have thought of before!”

Praise for ‘Cancer Care’

“This topic was relevant: we are seeing an increase in number of patients undergoing treatment. I plan to use the modality cheat sheet”

Really appreciated migraine section!

I will exercise these skills as a SLP and educated staff and families on best practices for TBI/Concussion Management. Make more SLP courses please !!- Jennie F., SLP

I will be able to use this whenever I have a concussion/TBI patient. Really appreciated migraine section- I did not know much about that! – Don A., OT

I LOVE the laminated handouts!

I will definitely incorporate visual screening, and be able to differentiate headaches. Also, I LOVE the laminated handouts! РSam A., PT

Topic was very relevant- migraines/vestibular- will be able to integrate it into my daily practice. – Peggy F., PT

Presenter did a great job!- Renee R., PTA


Praise for Practical Approaches to Concussion Management

“…This was a great course and very informative. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and concise…This topic was very relevant to my practice in the rehab setting. I will be able to implement knowledge and skills gained in the areas of screenings and tx techniques…”– N.L.- SLP

“…It was nice that you brought in equipment for us to try out and experience…” C.L.- SLP

“…will help me incorporate evaluation, screening, and aid in implementing/setting up TBI protocol/mild concussion…” -R.M.-OTRL

“really appreciated the migraine section!” D.A. -OTRL

…Feedback from patients and students…

I never knew my edema could be treated- I just thought I has to “live with it”. Thank you so much for taking this time to educate me about my health. Patient -DM

Wonderful Seminar, Well Done!- SZ

Presenters are excellent, thorough, kept topic interesting- GF

Great Class. Enjoyed the smaller class size- SH

Excellent Presenter. Well Organized. I would recommend this course and speaker to others. -DF

Testimonial from Physicians

I attended this course in August of 2017, and was very impressed by the information given and the physical training. With my background in osteopathy, I have learned manual techniques before, but a manual and hands-on approach to the management of commonly seen edema was novel, and extremely useful to me. I would recommend any nurse, therapist, or fellow physician who deals with patients struggling with edema (of any sort) attend this seminar and be educated in this up-to-date, insightful approach to edema management.