“Settled & Secure”: Addressing ‘Challenging’ Behavior associated with Dementia

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The care of people with dementia can be an intimidating field for many clinicians and clinical assistants. ‘Challenging’ dementia behavior can be one of the most difficult areas to deal with, especially in a busy clinical environment.

This 1.5-hour seminar provides the learner with very simple techniques and skills that will help them engage their clients, build rapport and fundamentally change the way you work with your clients, without requiring any equipment.

Cheat sheets, resources, and care tools are also supplied with this course, and follow up support and exclusive online groups are included to keep your skills alive!

Meet your presenter!

Eimile Cahalan, OTR/L, CLT, CBIS: Eimile is an occupational therapist with eleven years experience in the field. Eimile graduated from National University of Ireland, Galway in 2010 and has been working in rehabilitation since. She has worked as an in-home dementia caregiver and in a long-term dementia unit in a nursing facility, and the area of dementia care has always been an extremely rewarding and interesting pursuit. Eimile’s field of interest particularly lies in edema management, health awareness and prevention of disease, and neurological rehabilitation. She has been passionate about educating therapists and other clinicians, as well as patients, in the management of chronic edema. Eimile also loves expanding her knowledge through all forms of book, podcast, and documentary; running in as many races as she can possibly sign up for; playing with her kids; travelling back to Ireland; and her ultimate goal is hosting rehab-based podcast!  “I love being one of ARC’s presenters. Advocating for patients and health awareness is one of the best things a therapist can be involved in”