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ARC Seminars has been providing education and program development to facilities al over the United States – with fantastic results.

As a therapist owned and run education company, we have sat on both sides of the table,. Working for better outcomes for patients also requires a smooth and efficient facility.

Needs-based programs such as Edema, Wound, Stroke, Brain injury and more – can ensure:

Services We Offer:

Continuing Education

Evidently, many seminars and courses these days are general and as theoretical as possible to cast a wide net and catch therapists from many diverse backgrounds. The drawback to this is that therapists may leave these courses with lots of great new education, but lack the skills and confidence to integrate what they learned in a meaningful way at their facility.

This is one of many reasons that we at ARC develop our seminars with rehabilitation specifically in mind. We want to ensure that the learning and tools you receive can be IMMEDIATELY implemented into practice! Both the individual clinician and a facility should be clear on how to integrate the skills you learn at an ARC course into your daily practice!

Rehabilitation is a field that is unlike any other! ARC’s seminars teach therapists, nurses, and doctors effective and up-to-date therapeutic interventions, how to form a plan of care with patient-specific goals, and successfully improve patient outcomes through treatments learned during the hands-on lab portion of the course. These seminars are also very practical and will help clinicians develop problem solving skills and become comfortable with teaching their new found skills to those working with them.

Program Development

ARC Seminars not only teaches clinicians the skills and manual techniques they require to treat a specific condition, but they will also “train the trainer” by going in to your facility and helping your clinicians establish and develop a program to successfully run the specific, needs-based program that they now have the tools to use. ARC will provide: follow up contact, the option of further consultation to examine and advise on the development of the program, access to an online community of clinicians and fellow therapists.

Ongoing Engagement

ARC will then aid the clinicians and the facility to create a tailor-made program that will not only improve patient outcomes, but will be providing very marketable services to your clients – from the patients themselves, to doctors, to your referral sources. Personal guidance and follow up support are provided, and annual consultations to assist in continual program development are available to students and facilities.

You’ll have access to our copyrighted assessment tools, Home Exercise programs, a thriving online community of clinicians in rehab facilities all over the country, and more.

Dedication to Health and Wellness

 the most up-to-date and relevant information to healthcare clinicians. Health promotion and awareness is also something that ARC cares deeply about. (See some of our community outreach posts here!) Unlike other continuing educational companies, ARC Seminars continually support and guide their students and facilities in implementing and developing their own programs and educating their colleagues for continuous carryover and optimal patient results. @gel we have some great pics of us at health fairs, and doing a fundraiser in 202, maybe we could make a collage of these to showcase here

Check out some testimonials from facilities here!

This topic was very relevant to my practice since so many patients have dementia, this will allow me to properly give them care

Brianne C


I will use this knowledge by helping patients with dementia and help my caregivers to better understand how to help patients with dementia

Luz Ayala

Can use skills when working with dementia patients

Maria M


I can use this to best interact with this specific population

Gabrielle G


I can connect with my patients and understand their needs/their caregivers needs better

Renee R

I really like the way you explained process of making memories, will use with my patients/caregiver edu

Christina D


It will be helpful to use skills/knowledge to assist my team in better treating patients with dementia

Naomi H.

Director of Therapy

Overall the seminar has so much information. This topic was very relevant and helped me understand dementia more in depth. As a RNT II there’s a lot of communicating with this seminar I do feel more comfortable problem solving with dementia patients and gaining their trust as well 🙂

Brianna A

Maybe include more caregiver training scenarios to balance limited time availability w/ patience needed for interaction

William S

National Approval

ARC Seminars course have been approved by

Group Rates

We offer competitive group rates for facilities with groups of 20+ clinicians. Sessions can be held as a in-person/virtual hybrid to ensure accessibility to the whole team

Hosting a Seminar

If your facility would like act as a hosting venue for a class, please contact us. Other professionals can come and view your facility as they attend the course, creating powerful networking and marketing opportunities. If you would like to meet the presenters, ARC seminars can come and visit your facility in order to consult on educational opportunities, meet your staff and explore the areas of interest important to them, and even provide  brief in- services on some of our more popular presentations.

There are many ways ARC Seminars can work with your facility to promote the best possible outcomes, so be sure to sign up to our mailing list and contact us to learn more