Edema Management in In-patient Rehabilitation

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Edema Management in In-Patient Rehabilitation is an important and applicable course that will serve your patients and facility well. Register Now!


Please note: your confirmation, and the precise location in this course will be confirmed when the minimum participant level has been reached. The seminar will be held in the area specified, however you will be notified the exact venue prior to the seminar commencement. Thank you!

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Continuing Education Units/Professional Development Units

This seminar contains intermediate content.

Occupational Therapists: ARC Seminars is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development, #000087. This course is offered for 0.7 AOTA CEUs, Intermediate Level Content; approval #0002673, (7.0 contact hours). This course contains content classified under both Occupational Therapy Process and Domain of OT. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

Physical Therapists: This program has been approved by the APTA Kentucky, A Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, for 7.0 Category 1 contact hour(s). Expiration Date: 02/18/2023. Approval Number: CS110-2021-APTAKY. Most other states will accept continuing education offerings that are approved by the APTA.

ARC Seminars is an California Board of Physical Therapy Approved Provider of Continuing Education.

Please contact us at info@arcseminars.net for your specific state requirements.

73 reviews for Edema Management in In-patient Rehabilitation

  1. Anon, PT, CLT

    Excellent presentation

  2. Anon

    Well Done

  3. Anon

    Wonderful seminar, really liked it.

  4. Anon, OTR/L

    Presenters are excellent, thorough, kept topic interesting

  5. Deb Franceschini

    Excellent presenter. Well organized. I would recommend this course to others and speakers.

  6. Anon

    Great course! Great speaker

  7. Shannon Warren

    Great information!

  8. Anon

    Excellent course. Presenters were thorough and knowledgeable.

  9. Nancy Alessandrini

    Excellent In-service. Very helpful

  10. Anon

    It was an excellent course.

  11. Anon

    Great seminar! Very helpful

  12. Anon

    Very informative and knowledgeable. Enjoyed this seminar very much

  13. Tara Edwards

    Great course! very informative material provided three very helpful hands-on lab with a lot of resources provided.

  14. Anon

    This was such an informative and beneficial seminar for our caseload and has empowered me to take more initiative in our program to address Edema. Thanks

  15. Anjelica Raiten

    Very good course!

  16. Melanie Flores

    An organized way of presenting to the audience. The instructor had a great way of explaining topics with different analogies with the different types of learning techniques.

  17. V.D, PTA

    Very well ran. One of the best courses I’ve been to. The presenter was very patient, answering repetitive questions, and redirecting to task. Able to appropriately answer questions

  18. Anon

    Excellent course!

  19. Anon

    Loved the course! Very tailored to inpatient rehab. Thanks!

  20. Anon

    Fantastic course! Excellent instructor, detailed and applicable material, helpful hands-on practice.

  21. Anon, OTR/L

    Very well. Will attend future courses. Information very well presented.

  22. Anon

    The course was very informative plus the labs were great for hands-on and became comfortable.

  23. Angela Vassei, PT

    Very interesting and applicable. Great instructor.

  24. Anon, OTR/L

    Great and Informative!

  25. Jeff Wood, PT

    Improved approach to recognizing types of Edema and improved delivery of care. Timely/Appropriate.

  26. Khuy Bui, OT

    Excellent topic and information that I can use on daily basis. Emilie is an excellent presenter. She engaged the class and provided positive feedback.

  27. Ruel Aranez, PT

    Excellent course, thank you 🙂

  28. Jennifer Pesce, PT

    Emilie is one of the most natural and engaging presenters I have encountered. A true clinician approach.

  29. Carla Anderson, OTR

    Excellent presenter/resources. I can use all materials and Knowledge immediately upon return to my clinic.

  30. Alex Ruth, OTR/L

    Very relevant! I will use all the techniques learned, and specifically enjoy all the educational resources given! Thanks!

  31. Amber West, COTA/L

    Honestly, BEST Class I have ever taken as a continued education course! So applicable and educational!

  32. Anon, PTA

    Great seminar! learned a lot more things from this than any other seminar I’ve been to. Thank you for not canceling! 🙂

  33. Anon, OTR

    Very relevant, concepts have been cleared. Excellent Training.

  34. Anon, PT

    This course was so Good! She had real-world examples, you could tell she was very knowledgeable and practiced these techniques.

  35. katie Voorhees, OTA/L

    Yes, I will use my skills to treat Edema patients in our rehab unit.


    The course instructor is very knowledgeable & hands-on during the lab making sure we did right. The course is amazing & enjoyable 🙂

  37. Olivia Naughton, PT

    Emily is a great Teacher

  38. Josephine Douglas, PT

    Excellent course, very knowledgeable!

  39. Crystal Wilson, OTR/L

    Yes, working in an In-patient facility we see Edema all the time. It’s nice to know how to treat it now.

  40. Jason Peltz, PTA

    I will use this info to perform an in-service as an attempt to increase Edema treatment within my facility.

  41. Alexandra McArdle, OTR/L

    Very beneficial and informative

  42. Courtney Carter, COTR/L

    We treat a variety of Edema patients but only certain therapists could treat those patients, but now I will be able to.

  43. Jennifer Kaufman, OT

    Yes- will start with doing proximal drainage and diaphragm breathing first before just retrograde massage.

  44. Patti Delay, RN

    Absolutely! Great education

  45. Nicole Sociedade OT

    Yes, will use as clinical interventions as my caseload has many Edema pts

  46. Susan Baldwin, OT


  47. Tejal Patel, PT

    Yes, will use the techniques to treat patent with edema.

  48. Sheryl Kostka, PTA

    Excellent presentation

  49. Evangeline Van Buren, RN

    Very knowledgeable instructor. Thank you?

  50. Nicole Cotta, OT

    Yes. I will use the knowledge gained in this seminar to assist with developing an Edema program.

  51. Stephanie Lauda, OTR/L

    Emily was fantastic – engaging and knowledgeable

  52. Sara Whitney, OT

    Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable easy to follow along, very hands-on, and extremely relevant.

  53. Stephanie Christiano, Nurse

    Helpful for better assessments of therapy

  54. Delores Longenecker, PTA

    This was a mental reset on how to treat Edema.

  55. Kristen French, PT

    Emily was excellent. Very educated -answered every question with great detail real-world examples.

  56. Eric Dodson, OT

    The course was interesting, engaging relevant, and easy to apply to current practice.

  57. Jocelyn MacAleese OT

    Excellent class!

  58. Josh Harmes OT

    The hands-on learning was great!

  59. Ashley Cieniewicz OT

    This was an EXCELLENT course! The hands-on practice was very helpful, instructors were extremely knowledgeable especially to the rehab setting!

  60. Terence Lumley OT

    Wow, Great course! Great speaker, Excellent knowledge! Thank you!

  61. Vicki Rahrig COTA/L

    Great Info!

  62. Jessica Arnold, OT

    Great Course, thank you!

  63. Amber Maggio, PT

    Yes, I will be able to provide better education and treatment for my patients with Edema. Specifically, I am looking forward to using these techniques with amputees

  64. N.B, OTR/L

    Extremely relevant. I will be more confident in addressing Edema to allow for improved quality of health for my patients.

  65. Morin McDade

    Yes, we are frequently addressed with wrapping & I wanted to learn how to wrap properly

  66. Kristen Ruberg, OTR/L

    Emile was wonderful. Relatable and very knowledgeable. Hands-on teaching was very helpful.

  67. Wesley Plank, PT

    Great class, thank you!

  68. M.K, OT

    I enjoyed the knowledge and the humour of the presenter. The lab experience with the trainer feedback was really useful/enhanced my learning.

  69. Jacquelyn Werts, OT

    This topic was extremely relevant. learning MLD techniques and wrapping will be beneficial when treating patients with Edema.

  70. Kylie Vandam, PT

    Great course!

  71. D.S, OTR/L, CEAS

    Yes, incorporate edema management techniques into current pt treatment for improved results.

  72. Jenn Vondercrone PT

    I love that we not only learned techniques concepts but that you provide resources to set up a formal program.

  73. Terry (verified owner)

    Emily is a great teacher and provides a lot resources. Perfect mix of class teaching and hands on. She covers a lot in a 1 day course. Very highly recommend this course.

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