In-Patient Rehab Clinician Subscription

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$329.00 / 12 months


In-Patient Rehabilitation is a specific field of specialty – and these CE courses will empower you with everything you need as an IPR therapist! This curated subscription covers topics ranging from Stroke rehab, Wound care, Concussion management, Oncology rehab and more!

With over 32 APTA, ASHA, and AOTA CEUs yearly and constant updates and additions, this subscription will more than cover all of the topics and credits you need to maintain your license!

New courses added regularly, the ‘InPatient Rehab Clinician’ Subscription package is guaranteed to empower you in your role with practical, immediately applicable skills! Sign up today for only $329 and ensure all your CEs are perfect for your role!”

Subscription courses include:

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Wound Care: Tools for the Everyday Clinician (7 CEUs)
  • Practical Approaches to Concussion Management (6 CEUs)
  • Life with Dysphagia: Knocking down Social & Ethical Barriers (3 CEUs)
  • Cancer Care: A Collaborative Approach (3 CEUs)
  • In-Patient Stroke Rehab: 14 Strategies to get your patient Home! (7 CEUs)
  • Update your Care Plan: Acquired Brain Injury (3 CEUs)
  • Evidence Based Practice for the Everyday Clinician (3 CEUs)


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