Physical Therapy Continuing Education: Kickstart Your Career in 2022!

How to Choose the Best Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

With so many physical therapy continuing education courses out there, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose to further develop your professional skills. Fortunately, ARC Seminars makes it easy to do so, offering a number of courses to choose from in a variety of subjects. Keep reading to learn how to kickstart your career in 2022 with our physical therapy continuing education courses!

Why ARC Seminars?

We know you love to learn and grow your skills (our team does too!), but we also want to ensure you earn the credits you deserve for the courses you take. That’s why all of our professional development courses—including our physical therapy continuing education offerings—are flexible, affordable, and credible.

Our courses are approved for continuing education units by various organizations, including APTA Kentucky, the Physical Therapy Board of California, the American Occupational Therapy Association, and ASHA. Within each course, you’ll receive access to useful resources and information that are immediately applicable to your own practice, as well as guidance for setting up your own successful programs after your course concludes.

For any questions regarding your course certifications, contact our team for assistance.

Our Featured Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses…

…For Mastering Neurological Conditions

Is your 2022 PT resolution to become an expert on neurological conditions? If so, you should check out:

  • Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Training — One of the best ways you can super-charge the way you work is to become a CBIS. Specializing in acquired brain injury (ABI) and acquiring the Certified Brain Injury Specialist Credential (CBIS) is a great way to set yourself apart from your peers and indicate that you are dedicated to learning more about assisting patients with brain injuries. Our two-day training will prepare you to sit for the certification exam to join over 7,000 CBISs worldwide.
  • In-patient Stroke Rehabilitation: 14 Strategies to Get your Patient Home! — This course will empower you with cutting-edge techniques and strategies to treat people who have sustained a stroke in the in-patient setting! In this course, you’ll focus on real-life patients and the impairments and complications that they have secondary to a CVA, as well as address the most common issues that clinicians face and how to manage them.
  • Practical Approaches to Concussion Management — In this seminar, you’ll examine the common complications and side effects that can occur with concussions, or mild TBI. We teach assessment and treatment strategies that can be used to manage patients in the rehab setting, outpatient setting, and in-home care.

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  • Update Your Care Plan: Balance Rehab — In this 2.5 hour course, you’ll learn how to break free from providing the same intervention strategies over and over again by focusing on evidence-based and current research in the balance rehabilitation field. As with all of our courses, the skills and information presented in this seminar are immediately applicable to the clinician’s practice.

…For Gaining Valuable Expertise in Chronic Conditions

If your 2022 PT resolution is to become an expert in chronic conditions seen in all settings, we recommend exploring these:

  • Update Your Care Plan: Diabetes — Diabetes is pervasive condition that complicates diagnoses in many areas of clinical practice. Empower and update your approach to this condition with this course, which will equip you with knowledge of its varying causes, prognoses of different diabetic diagnoses, and complications to watch for, as well as provide you with goal-setting tactics, client-based labs, and case studies.
  • Update Your Care Plan: Heart Failure — With congestive heart failure (CHF) being an intimidating, devastating, and often underrepresented condition affecting millions of people worldwide, you need to ensure you have the most up-to-date and effective information to provide the best care possible. By enrolling in this seminar, you’ll learn how to debunk treatment myths, address fears and misconceptions, and make informed decisions when creating a plan of care.
  • Cancer Care: A Collaborative Approach — Prepare to upskill your therapy practice when working with the oncologic population! This seminar is presented by two expert oncology therapists, and will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to debunk common misconceptions, utilize up-to-date therapeutic approaches, and bridge the gap between the patient and therapy/nursing.
  • ‘Settled and Secure’: Managing “Challenging” Behaviors Associated with Dementia —Challenging dementia-related behavior can be intimidating for many clinicians and clinical assistants to deal with, especially in a busy clinical environment. That’s why this seminar is a perfect choice for boosting your skills. Learn how to engage with clients, build rapport, and fundamentally change your ways of working during dementia care.

…For Growing Your Wound & Edema Management Skillset

Becoming an expert in managing wounds and edema will also set you apart from your peers. These courses will help you sharpen your skills:

  • Edema Management in Inpatient Rehabilitation This seminar will teach you techniques from Complete Decongestive Therapy to therapeutically manage edema in the in-patient environment, a setting where edema management is a chronically underserved and undervalued aspect of treatment. You’ll learn how to approach common conditions such as joint fracture and replacement, lymphedema, dependency edema, renal and cardiac insufficiency, and more.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Wound Care: Tools for the Everyday Clinician — In this practical and user-friendly seminar, you’ll learn about the common causes and physiology of wounds, gain access to assessment tools, and explore management techniques and documentation/goal setting guidelines. Enhance your practice with accessible and applicable skills that you can use the very next day!

Not seeing the topic that you’re looking for? Contact us! We’d be happy to direct you to what you need, whether it’s one of our courses or one of our self-paced webinars.

Revamp Your Approach to Physical Therapy Continuing Education!

If you’re ready to make a commitment to expanding your knowledge and career in 2022, let ARC Seminars help! From physical therapy-focused courses to cancer care, dementia management, and more, we’re here to help you grow your clinical skillset for years to come.

Make your success a priority, and register for one of our courses today!

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