Certified Brain Injury Specialist Training: Information

Welcome! This is your first step on the road to becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS).

This fantastic certification will change your clinical life and the way you practice- forever. Not only does a Certified Brain Injury Specialist designation reflect your knowledge and experience as a clinician working with patients with brain injury, it also gives you a leg up on your competition and demonstrates your marketability! Right now…

– You are working with patients with brain injury, or a variety of patients that includes some who have experienced brain injury.

– You love this field and want to keep working to make it better!

– You are interested in upgrading your knowledge, showing your dedication, and becoming one of more than 7,000 experts worldwide.

– You have over 500 hours of working with patients with brain injury of some description.

Get started here with our CBIS Starter Pack! This FREE 16 page guide will start you on your journey by explaining:

  • The benefits of becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist
  • Outline of Certification Course curriculum
  • Road map to certification
  • Provider Poster
  • Clinic Resources- examples of the tools you will be able to develop with this credential!


Want to learn more about the course? Visit our Certified Brain Injury Specialization course details here.

Why choose ARC Seminars for your CBIS?

  • Our presenter, Allison, has years of training people all over the United States, in all fields of practice!
  • We offer competitive rates, and your ACBIS exam is included in the price! (normally: $300)
  • You will be part of a small, dedicated group, with exclusive 1:1 follow up and optional consultations after taking your course.
  • You will be part of a private online community of clinicians, working in the field, where you can share treatment ideas, engage with case studies, and problem-solve together.