Certified Brain Injury Specialization: FAQ’s

We get a lot of questions about the process of becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, and the training involved! Contact us any time to discuss your questions, but in the meantime, here are some of our most common questions…

How do I know if I have 500 hours of verifiable hours of experience with patients with brain injury?  Is there a form?  What’s the time constraint for obtaining those hours?

certified brain injury specialist training faqs

You will need to go back and review your employment history and clinical experience.  The 500 hours have to be with patients who have had an acquired brain injury (ABI) – not just a TBI.  There is no tracking form that has to be submitted for these hours.  The 500 hours do have to be accrued while working under a professional license; school internships do count, but volunteer hours do not.

On your CBIS application, you’re asked to identify a supervisor who can vouch for you – meaning they attest to the accuracy and truth of what is on your application.  The Brain Injury Association of America’s (BIA) Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) will provide you with a form for your supervisor to fill out and return in order for your application to be processed.

Okay, I registered for the course…now what?

Sit back and relax!  Our CBIS instructor Allison will be sending detailed application instructions when it’s time for you to complete the application approximately 3 weeks prior to the course.  She’ll also be sending out your course materials during the timeline specified in the registration email.

What materials are provided/included in the cost of the course?

We provide you with quizzes, tests, and electronic copies of the presentation slides.  We also provide you with handouts and study materials.  Your CBIS registration is also included in the price – such a steal! 

Speaking of the exam, is it hard?  What if I don’t pass?  Does ARC proctor it? 

The exam is 70 questions, multiple choice.  You have two opportunities to successfully take and pass the exam, if you fail those you will need to restart the process and application. No, ARC does not proctor this exam.  The BIA recently changed the way the test is administered – now there is an automated proctoring system.  This means you will not have to travel to a physical proctoring location in order to test.  More information about the automated proctoring system can be found online at BIAUSA.org   If you have specific questions about the automated proctoring system, please email acbis@biausa.org.

When do I take the Exam?

Since ACBIS now utilizes an automated proctoring system, you have the ability to take the exam at your leisure.  Please note: if you decide to take the exam during evening hours or on the weekend you will not be able to get any assistance until the next business day.  ARC Seminars is unable to provide any type of assistance with the exam if issues arise.

I’m not interested in testing – I just want the information.  Can I take this course anyway?

Yes!  You do not need to test in order to take this class.  If you’re uninterested in testing, please email Allison@ARCSeminars.net ASAP so we can adjust your pricing accordingly.

ARC Seminars’ CBIS course is the only CBIS course that is registered for 13 contact hours, 1.3 AOTA CEUs, 1.3 ASHA CEUs, and 13 contact hours by the APTA Kentucky (which covers most other states). If you have questions about your specific state CEUS, drop us a line at info@arcseminars.net.

What if I have a question that isnt listed here?

Fear not–chances are we have the answer or we can put you in touch with someone who does.  Feel free to email our CBIS instructor Allison at Allison@ARCSeminars.net, or send us a message on Facebook, instagram or Google & we will get back to you swiftly. In the meantime, have a look at our CBIS Facebook Group 

For more FAQs about this process, you can also visit the ACBIS page:  https://www.biausa.org/professionals/acbis/about/about-faqs

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