ARC Seminars at the Mid-County Senior Center Health & Resource Fair!

mid-county fair

We had a blast meeting people, seniors, other healthcare vendors and community organizers at the Mid-County Senior Annual Health and Resource Fair, at Mid-County Senior Center, Wilmington, DE! This annual fair invites seniors and community members to come to a health and wellness focused event, find out more about issues affecting them and gather information on where and how to further their wellness and quality of life.

This year, ARC had volunteered to be a wellness resource, offering information about Chronic Edema, Screenings for those at risk, and lots of information about local resources including therapists, wellness centers, and online resources in order to empower those who are concerned about their swelling to find the tools they need.

As healthcare clinicians, we know that swelling can become chronic and lead to a host of complications, including skin conditions and breakdown, infection, lack of mobility and fall risk, and even body image and mental health implications. Too often we only see patients for their edema needs when the problem has persisted into a chronic stage. Many people are living with conditions placing them at risk for complications from edema, like diabetes, post-surgical, Peripheral Vascular Disease, and so on.

We wanted to start to reach people at a local level, to help them realize that there is something they can do about this condition, provide info and local resources, and hopefully arrest some swelling before it reaches a chronic stage! If you would like to download our brochure, to provide some information about chronic swelling to some of your patients, click here.

Many Thanks to Susan and all the great staff at Mid-County Senior Fair for putting together a wonderful event! We look forward to providing many more health and wellness focused services in the future! Check out Mid-Center’s FaceBook and Website!

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