As we navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, we all share a heightened level of awareness and concern for the wellbeing of our students, families and faculty. At ARC Seminars, we’re focused on maintaining a healthy learning environment that is committed to a high level of preparedness, and maintaining a safe community.

We Empower Clinicians to
Treat Intimidation Conditions!

Arc Seminars is the only continuing education company

that specializes in in-patient rehabilitation, and is run by a

practicing PT-OT-SLP team!

ARC Seminars is Proud to be Nationally Recognized Providers of Continuing Education

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We Love Educating Clinicians,
Empowering Therapists and
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Outcomes All Over the USA...
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ARC Seminars was created by three therapists who were tired
of going to seminars and receiving an impractical education.
They decided to combine their experience and host seminars
that teach exciting and relevant therapeutic techniques, but
also how to implement these programs into the homes,
facilities, and lives of the patients they affect.

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