About ARC Seminars

ARC SEMINARS IS COMMITED TO YOUR LEARNING! Find out the multiple ways we are set apart from the competition right here!

ARC Seminars was conceived of by three therapists who were tired of going to seminars and receiving theoretical but ultimately impractical education!

They decided to combine their many years of experience and host seminars that not only teach exciting and relevant therapeutic techniques, also facilitate the implementation of these programs into the homes, facilities, and lives of the patients they affect.

ARC offers original, exciting, and relevant seminars to clinicians working in today’s field. We are committed to helping you develop programs and gain skills that you can use with your patients and clients to improve their quality of life. 

ARC Seminars have a specific focus on manual, hands-on training, so therapists can feel confident in their new found skills when returning to clinical practice. 

All seminars are broken into segments alternating didactic and hands-on learning to optimize carryover, and reduce that all day seminar fatigue!

ARC also focuses on learning as much as we can about our market, unlike larger, corporate continuing educational companies. We go from clinic to clinic, doing research with nurses and therapists in the field, to find out what you want to learn about, and what you like/don’t like in a seminar! This way, all of our excellent, dynamic seminars are directed to exactly what the attendees want to learn!

ARC has been providing seminars to PTs, OTs, nurses, and Doctors all over the United States. We have had all-round excellent feedback, with glowing testimonials from students. Therapists and Nurses from all areas of practice: homecare, out-patient, rehab, sub-acute- and owing to our background in many fields, have tailored information specifically to their needs, with follow up to ensure they felt their area of practice was covered well.

ARC is for everyone!

We also work on publishing helpful articles, blog posts, and in the development of clinic-friendly tools and cheat sheets to provide to our students, in order to make carrying over the information they learn as easy as possible. Read some of our articles for some great tips, like “How To Improve Diabetic Neuropathy and Foot Ulcers” and “5 Occupational Therapy Tips for Dining out with Dysphagia”


ARC Seminars will advance the education of healthcare professionals by teaching what is most current and relevant to all rehabilitation settings.  This will not only promote professional development of the clinician through reinforcement of practical/hands-on skills but will promote the best possible outcomes and quality of life for every patient


We are passionate about educating and promoting health awareness to clinicians, patients, and families. ARC strives to see the best possible outcomes for all clients through constant learning and development.

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