This topic was very relevant to my practice since so many patients have dementia, this will allow me to properly give them care

Brianne C


I will use this knowledge by helping patients with dementia and help my caregivers to better understand how to help patients with dementia

Luz Ayala

Can use skills when working with dementia patients

Maria M


I can use this to best interact with this specific population

Gabrielle G


I can connect with my patients and understand their needs/their caregivers needs better

Renee R

I really like the way you explained process of making memories, will use with my patients/caregiver edu

Christina D


It will be helpful to use skills/knowledge to assist my team in better treating patients with dementia

Naomi H.

Director of Therapy

Overall the seminar has so much information. This topic was very relevant and helped me understand dementia more in depth. As a RNT II there’s a lot of communicating with this seminar I do feel more comfortable problem solving with dementia patients and gaining their trust as well 🙂

Brianna A

Maybe include more caregiver training scenarios to balance limited time availability w/ patience needed for interaction

William S

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